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Asset And Inventory Management

Forecasting product demand accurately is challenging in today's market.  Frequent, unpredictable ups and downturns in the business cycle impact the balance of supply and demand.  This imbalance is compounded by worldwide pandemics, as well as shorter design and life cycles of products.  This creates additional risk and uncertainty as they rapidly move in and out of production.

As each business within the supply chain adjusts for these factors, inventory misalignments are created.  The result is that companies inevitably end up with excess, obsolete, and slow-moving inventories, both at the components and finished goods level.  Profitability and return on assets are impacted adversely, and businesses rely on asset recovery programs to combat unforeseen changes.

HK Resale specializes in business and industrial indirect materials and parts like hard hats, gloves, hammer drill bits, valves & actuators and electrical supplies.  While we sell overstock inventory and do inventory liquidation, we do not handle clothing, food, toys, kitchen accessories, or other items.

Call us directly at 234-714-9008 to learn more.  You can also email us at

Converting Non-Performing Assets into Cash

HK Resale has been expertly managing clients' excess & obsolete material for over 3 years.  We expanded rapidly during the COVID 19 pandemic with the increased demand for online purchasing and our ability to ship worldwide.  We outperform a traditional E & O Liquidation Broker model as we sell direct to end users on the secondary market.  Our main asset management program is consignment, but can also provide liquidation and recycling services.

What Kind Of Assets Can HK Resale Support?

HK Resale can generate cash from virtually any asset class.  However, the majority of our assets under management are related to indirect materials, metalworking and MROP products (Maintenance, Repairs, Operations and Production).    

Here are just a few examples of the hundred of products we have managed:

  • EZGO Universal Headlight 20209G3 Golf Cart Head Lamp Light
  • 3M C41 7456T Cellulose Sponges Compressed
  • Heavy Duty 8" Red Hard Poly Swivel Caster Wheel w/ Brake
  • Bray Controls Butterfly Valve, Actuator and Solenoid Connection Assembly
  • Red Top Hammer Drill Bits SDS Plus and Max Carbide Tipped
  • Tenacious Skullerz Ergodyne 8950/8955/8960 Universal Bump Cap Insert

Customized Asset & Inventory Management Services 


We recognize that a key consideration of a client's decision to partner with HK Resale is their trust and comfort in putting a valuable asset (inventory) in the hands of another organization.  Over our history, HK Resale has earned an exemplary reputation for honesty, integrity, and accountability, fully aligned with our clients' goals and objectives.

Full Visibility

All of our clients' materials and products are visible and accessible through our inventory management system and are stored on-site at our warehouse in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Our facility is open and accessible to our clients at any time during operating hours.  This transparency and open access are important to clients needing immediate information about their asset recovery programs' progress. 

100% Material Verification

HK Resales robust incoming inspection process includes validation of component counts, packaging inspection, verification, logging of material date codes, a thorough review of the product condition, and quality.  

Optimized Product Value

HK Resale service and value proposition optimize the value recovered by aggressively marketing globally through our website and selling channels (link to our eBay and Amazon store).  Our unique channels and relationships enable HK Resale to return the highest possible revenue to our clients.

Why Partner With HK Resale?

HK Resale is a woman-owned, small business located in Wadsworth, Ohio.  We are an outsourced service provider focused on delivering outstanding financial returns on non-performing assets to our clients.  Our unique business model provides clients the safety, security, financial return and environmental reductions that are needed in today's business landscape.

Call us directly at 234-714-9008 to learn more.  You can also email us at